Monsoon Reading


This is the  book I am currently savouring with a cup of chaya* for company.

It is a collection of poems, essays and memoirs by various writers who portray different facets of Kerala, beyond its quintessential “God’s own country” status.

The book is edited by Anita Nair, who has written a fabulous introduction about the “make do” principle in Kerala.

An excerpt: “Make do is the deity everyone worships. Make do is the reason why every Malayali goes through life convinced that he is the liveliest, shrewdest and most intelligent of all Indians.”

After a ‘book pact’ with a buddy, I plan to finish reading it this weekend, provided the supply of chaya is steady… and so is my will power.

*chaya – Malayalam for chai/tea

Just realised it’s also apt timing since Onam is around the corner

Monday Blues of the Wistful Kind

Our Home smells like Sunday afternoon today.

It is a special Monday because Mom made my favourite panpale/neer dosa/panpole after over a year.


When I was a child, I had conjured up a sing-song line – in Konkani – about how I can have “pampale” (as I called them back then) in the morning, afternoon and night. Mom still recites it.

I am living that rhyme today. I had pampale for lunch, post-lunch and tea… and will undoubtedly be having them for dinner as well.

These fine lace-like beauties are paired here with chicken curry (for Mom and the sibling) and a separate egg curry (for Dad) with some potatoes and soya chunks thrown in (for me).



Mothers don’t leave anybody out, do they? That’s why they are the very best.

Look at those beautiful caramelized onions. I wish you could smell this photograph and perhaps taste it too.

It is a special Monday today; one that feels like Sunday afternoons of yore.

Lest we forget…

…the everyday essentials we take for granted until they become rare commodities.

I’m missing the local market(s) and my walks to (and through) them.

I clicked this photograph early last month (on March 3rd, to be precise) but it seems like a long, long time ago — a reminder that one cannot take simple joys for granted; simple joys such as access to (surplus) fresh produce or a quick stroll to the market and back.

A Weekend of Green

What is it about some strangers that we trust without a second thought?
Is it foolishness or is it faith?

Isn’t trust a barter system of sorts? You give and receive, even if in unequal measure.

My weekend was primarily that. Of meeting strangers who hopped onto my journey or i hopped onto theirs (considering i got into Mushtaq’s auto for a three-and-a-half hour trip around a pretty little town). Without thinking of consequences or outcomes. Of just going with the proverbial flow.

I’m thankful for the innate trust i have in a few people. It’s like your trust radar detects those of similar wavelength and goes beep-beep-beep.

Uhm, digression much?

And now, coming to the title of this post, i’ll just leave you with this:


Trust you get the hang of it.



I made these banana pancakes for the first time today. From scratch.🥞

The joy of creating something out of nothing (well, out of all the ingredients) is unparalleled. Wouldn’t you agree?

The pancake stack disappeared in a few minutes, so I’m guessing they were loved. 😁


Aside: I just got a notification that I registered on WordPress on this day, three years ago. Yayyy! No cake to celebrate the anniversary, but well, I had the pancakes and ate them too. 😁

Holy moly, Guacamole!

We’ve been having this at least once every fortnight (twice if the fruit ripening gods are benevolent for sometimes avocados take ages and sometimes ripen even before you can say “What the guac?!”) and we. still. cannot. get. over. it.

Guacamole with nachos from some weeks ago

I would definitely list this as one of my go-to comfort foods. Would you?

This foodtripping is the simplest and soonest. And totally guilt-free.

Well, let’s pretend those cheese nachos are invisible.

Partea for one

It was love at first sight.

This is the first ceramic teapot I’ve ever bought and as it sits prettea on the shelf, I’m sure the other ceramic ware feel a tad envious.

Today was its first day out.

Look at that pout!

That Mom-made ginger tea was just what I needed for my cold.

And the gorgeous teaware was just what I needed for a little self-indulgence.

I already feel a lot better and I suspect the ceramic blues had something to do with it.