No Mo

Dearest Mo

I met you only once. 20th December, 2015. And it was love at first sight.

I openly declared my love for you over Jo (your chubbiness gave you a million brownie points, in case you didn’t know).



Loved watching you all the while we were at K and L’s home (much to people’s annoyance at my anti-social behaviour but) seeing you munch on leaves and hiding under a towel and staying still thinking nobody could see you. Haha. But your plump self was not mistaken for disappearance, though we let you believe you succeeded in your Houdini act.


I wanted to see you in a Santa hat. Mum asked me how I would get a tiny and I told her I’d have made it.

But you didn’t make it.

Now that you’re no more and leave Jo and those who knew you sadder, know that you were not just a little rodent. You were a furball of joy.


K and L have sweetly buried you in a flower pot. Aww. Hope you’re still munching in guinea pig heaven, playing hide and seek and amusing yourself.

You turned your fluffy bum to the world but here’s hoping you’re at peace.


Love, kisses and happy memories.


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