Warning: Many, many tea photos ahead

As a typical filter coffee loving Bangalorean, i have also grown to love tea over the years – a beverage i started drinking thanks to a tea-loving friend.

And also thanks to Lent (which begins today, by the way) many years ago when i decided to give up coffee and ended up having tea all Lent.

Tea needs no occasion. Or time and place. It can be enjoyed just about anytime.

Whether it is the beautiful Assam tea worth the brewing time (indicated by the also beautiful hourglass):


or the lemon ginger tea with a view of the mountains:


or fragrant teas like chamomile tea whose name you won’t remember but presentation you like more than the tea itself:


or the ginger tea your friends make every time you visit their homes; at times even on-demand at odd hours:



While fancy teas are, well, fancy, gorgeous and definitely photograph-and-instagram-worthy – they may not always please your tastebuds the way a roadside chai will (if you live in India, you will know exactly what i mean). Tea served in a kullad/mata (clay or mud pots) or glass/steel tumblers have a different feel altogether.

Simplicitea, if i may.

A train journey is incomplete without a cup of the good ol’ chai, a tad too sweet, poured from tall steel flasks that have served thousands of travelers.


Any excuse to want tea is a good enough excuse. Likewise for Maggi. Or wait, the comeback of Maggi. Double the joy.


Yes, tea needs no occasion, no excuse. Have it alone or have it with friends – a good cup or tumbler of tea can do no wrong.

Yes, it’s always a good time for chai.





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