The Pavement Icon – Veena Stores

How can the Bantering Bangalorean not banter about the places in Bangalore that make it so very Bangalore?

Veena Stores in Malleswaram is one such place. A tiny one at that. With a big crowd outside almost all the time.

Started in 1977, for almost forty years, this humble eatery has served innumerable plates of steaming hot idlis and vadas served with a side (rather, all sides) of runny chutney, savoured on the footpath at the junction of Margosa Road and 15th Cross, Malleswaram.

Much Recommended: Idli,  Vada (so, so crunchy), Pongal, Filter kaapi (improved by leaps and bounds over the years), Kesari bhaath, Shavige (Vermicelli) bhaath and as a friend points out, Bisibele bhaath and Avalakki bhaath.


Downside: No dosa, no sambar, no parking, no place to sit, no one’s complaining. 🙂

They have no branches. Which makes it an exclusive joy for those of us in Malleswaram. And a pit-stop for the teeming crowd from other parts of Bangalore.





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