Furball of Unconditional Love

As i was stepping out of a store, i met the tiniest, most beautiful furball of unconditional love last evening,  Choco. As i hugged and got his licks and kisses, i heard his story.

Choco is a month-young Rottweiler baby. His (present) owner told me that the pup (barely two weeks old) was thrown out of a car. The owner picked him up and adopted him. Choco, who lives with his owners and a Labrador now is the center of everyone’s attention.

Dogs are the best. They really put humans to shame; shame – a quality that many people lack.

Why would you cruelly abandon a dog? The least people can do is make sure dogs have a loving home before letting go of them.

Dogs do not deserve anything but love. Because love is all they have to give you.

PS: As if i already did not love Choco enough, his owner told me that i’m the only one the li’l pup hasn’t bitten.

I’m smitten.IMG_8980-001.JPG




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