A Love-Hate Relationship

That’s what I have with Summer. A love-hate relationship.

The heat makes me want to hibernate in my freezer only to miss the Sun again and tiptoe out into the sunshine to be dazzled by the rainbow that my city is.


My head is in the clouds, even as the Sun scorches, because I’m afraid I’ll miss sights like these.


Bangalore, in bloom, is a sight to behold. I often stop in my tracks to marvel at Nature’s hues. Passers-by may find it strange, sometimes hilarious, but I’m too busy looking elsewhere to care.


I know these colours will fade as the flowers fall when they’ve served their time.


And I’ll miss them till next Summer when I complain about the heat and gloat about the colours. If this is not a love-hate relationship, what is?


2 thoughts on “A Love-Hate Relationship

  1. Yes.. it is a love hate relationship.. and i pray that the cycle of seasons never ends. I say this because so many trees are being chopped off mercilessly…only to be replaced by tall cement buildings….😯😐we have probably lost so many beautiful species already. i hope that after seeing such beautiful pictures and blogs, people try to preserve their natural heritage.. i am glad u r helping. So keep up this banter !! Love it.

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