Beer There, Done That

I’m not a beer drinker at all.

But i was so amazed at this bottle art at The Beer Café that i couldn’t beer bear the thought of not sharing it with you.


Lights, glass, bottles – i love them all. And when they come together in an installation like this one, i’m more than happy to admire its gorgeousness with my cranberry juice. Or fruit punch. Or virgin mojito.


PS: I was in the mood for a sangria, but The Beer Café, true to its name, has no room for wine or its fruit-packed variants.

The Beer Café is on 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, adjacent to MTR. A cheerful crowd gathered there this evening to watch the cricket match (while a bunch of us went there for a dear friend’s farewell party…which, by the way, was an excuse for most to watch the match). The staff is prompt, the service is quick and the starters are good!

I speak of starters because that’s all we had. Many, many rounds of starters – from start to end. And of course, many many rounds of beer for the beer-lovers.


Recommended starters for vegetarians:

  • Mac and cheese fries – mac and cheese filling in a golden brown jacket. Yum!
  • Nachos with cheese – you rarely can go wrong with this one.

Recommended starters for non-vegetarians:

  • “16 till I die”- a platter of chicken wings cooked in different sauces served with a tzatziki dip (which my friends called “raita” because it tasted just like that – a cucumber raita, without a hint of olive oil, but tasty nonetheless)
  • Beer-battered prawns – the best ones i’ve tasted are in Goa so compared to those, these were no-show,  but if compared to nothing else, they were good, served with a side of mayonnaise.

The Beer Café is a great place to spend time with friends over eats and drinks and  guffaws from neighbouring tables.

I really liked my evening there. The only things i missed were a sangria and more importantly, music.

But the virgin mojito kept me in good stead while the crowd uproared as the Indian cricket team faced the music. 🙂



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