The Last Day of 29

“Age is NOT just a number”, i thought to myself, as i was waiting for my red nail paint to dry.

It is the sand in your fisted-palm – try as you might, you cannot stop it from drifting away, between your fingers.

Age is unrequited love – it’s never coming back to you as much as you yearn for it.

Age is Time that’s ticking away.

Age is an era that you live in, look forward to or look back at.

And today, i celebrated the end of a decade, the end of my twenties.

For most part of my twenties, i felt i was twenty-two. It’s been a beautiful decade that has taught me many valuable lessons, even if they were meant to be learned the hard way.

My Family continues to be my biggest anchor and my innermost circle of love.

Most of the friends that I’d made at the beginning of the decade are still a part of my journey. Few stepped down, few i let go of and and most stuck on. For them, I am grateful.

Growing older makes you realize that not everybody is the way they seem. Those you thought you knew in and out will one day somersault out of the door while those you looked at with suspicion have carved a niche in your life.

My four-legged friends deserve a special mention because they’re just that – special. I’ve lost count of the dogs i’ve befriended. I know the feeling of carrying lambs and guinea pigs whose hearts raced as fast as mine, knowing the precious lives were in my hands for those few minutes. I’ve even hugged an elephant….so, there.

Travel, writing and photography have been constant companions. I used to love painting pictures with my words but now i prefer to let my photographs weave stories; stories as varied as the onlookers would like them to be.

Cooking was a facet that i had made no contact with until i left my job to take a break. Over the past year, I’ve realized what a beautiful process cooking is. It is an art that has got to have passion, patience and utmost love. I’m so glad to have cooked for my encouraging Family and friends.

Health is as big a part of my life as your smartphone perhaps is a part of yours. A doctor – while writing down my medical history that i was ranting off – looked up, smiled and remarked kindly that my life has been “eventful”. Indeed. There was no other way to describe my health better. With its fluctuations and my frustrations, i’ve come to realize that the Life i have is a beautiful one, not to be taken for granted. Take a walk in a hospital someday. You will realize that your problems and you are minuscule.

Death is an acquaintance that i still cannot come to terms with. Over the years, I’ve seen and known of those close to loved ones passing away – sometimes after an illness, sometimes without a warning and sometimes near-death experiences. I cannot deal with people in pain. I cannot watch them suffer. And i have silly defence mechanisms like going on errands. It makes me go into a world of silence and questioning. I do not know how to deal with Death and hate when it arrives unannounced. It only makes me want to live my life the best way i can, without regrets. Without grudges.

I’ve come to realize that the more we pursue Peace, the more it evades. Peace resides in each one of us; if only we open that stubborn valve of restlessness.

Music heals. Period.

Today, I started the day (2:02 AM to be precise) by cooking gnocchi – minus potatoes because, well, there weren’t any. Do I recommend cooking potatoless gnocchi? Gno way! Having slept late early morning, I woke up late after a good morning’s sleep. I made a masala omelette for Dad (he loves an occasional omelette with his lunch). In the evening, after a hurried coffee, I went to get a haircut. The auto i was traveling in had a fan (and Mr. V was happy to tell me all about it when I told him it was a great idea) so as you can imagine, my auto ride was a breeze.

I got home and made dosas for Mom and Dad and enjoyed a cup of coffee though it was past 9:00 PM, pleased with my coffee and my haircut.

The sound of the scissors snipping away at my tresses is one of my favourites. Haircuts, to me, signify change. A change that I love and welcome.

I’m celebrating the end of a decade, the end of my twenties. And i’ve decided to open my hand out, red nail paint et al. – to receive the next decade with a smile instead of trying – with a clenched fist – to hold on to the one that’s soon going by.

Here’s to another decade of love, family, friends, food, smiles, animals, music, nature, coffee, colour and crazy.

Here’s to an eventful third decade. 🙂


:A wish for myself this birthday:

May you grow up to be righteous
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you
May you always be courageous
Stand upright and be strong….
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of change shift
May your heart always be joyful
And may your song always be sung

May you stay forever young.

– Bob Dylan



3 thoughts on “The Last Day of 29

  1. May each year and its resident decade take your breath away by virtue of love, happiness, peace and great health. A beautifully written piece, straight from the heart.

    Btw, what about friends you made in the dusk of the previous decade? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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