Tastes like Summer

My new favourite word is Komorebi – the Japanese term for Sunlight filtering through trees.

Interplay of light and leaves

Isn’t it beautiful how one word can encompass so much meaning and imagery within it?

Now getting to the title of my post, I spoke about how Bangalore’s Summer is hot but beautiful….

Frangipani by the dozen

Getting back, again, to the title of my post, i also want to tell you about my food and drink journey through the Summer so far.

Summer, to me, means a greedy, guilt-free excess of three of my favourite fruits – mango, jackfruit and watermelon.

Among the aforementioned fruits, watermelon is the most widely liked fruit, as far as i know.


Jackfruit, however, is a love-or-hate situation for most. It is not an acquired taste and the hatred for its smell and taste is understandable. Forgivable, even.


What’s not to be forgiven is the dislike for mangoes. “HOWWWWW?”, you gasp? My reaction, exactly.

Slices of Heaven

I don’t care that it is the revered “king of fruits”. I just love it for what it is and cannot get enough of it, however messy may i end up after some (very) clumsy consumption of the blessing that is the M.A.N.G.O.

Summer being Summer, you sometimes begin to despise the sight or thought of food. You just want to hydrate yourself with water (in my case, juices) and plenty of fluids.

Here are some of my happy drinks:

Watermelon cooler. While it costs at least Rs. 25/- a glass in juice shops (or “cool joints” which seems to be the cool term now), you can get a full watermelon for the same price minus sugar, water and unwashed hands. Just add several pieces of watermelon and a sprig of mint leaves in the blender while munching on the remaining few pieces of watermelon, while you wait on the world to change for the cooler to get ready to be chugged down your parched and waiting throat.


Buttermilk/Chhaas. I can have glassful after glassful of this simple wonder drink. Ingredients? Curd, water, cumin seeds, ginger, salt and ice – whip them up in a jiffy and drink to good health! Drink it out of a matka or kulhad (mud/clay earthenware) to make the experience more authentic and joyful.


Banana-Chocolate smoothie. If you’re hungry but don’t want to eat per se, just blend in a banana with milk and cocoa powder. Top it with a generous helping of cocoa powder and you’re bound to be left with a happy tummy and happier taste buds.


Cold coffee. My friend made this during my stay over at her home last weekend. It was a mug of cold beauty that left me (and her son) a tad sad, when we could see the bottom of the mug.


Lemon juice. The good old companion that will not let you down. You can’t go wrong with this bout of Summer love and Vitamin C.


I bet you’ve noticed my obsession  love for mason jars by now. I’ve been dreaming of them ever since i knew of their existence. And the fact that i bought them with a voucher i won in an Instagram contest makes them all the more special.

Over the next few weeks of the alarming temperature rise, i’ll be making more drinks to guarantee more yummy-in-my-tummy.

Armed with fruits, a knife, a blender and a mason jar, i feel confident that I can take you on, Summer.



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