Chasing the Moon


I’ve chased sunrises
and sunsets
I chased you.

Out of the window
of our car,
I gazed at you
as you peeked
from behind clouds
and skyscrapers.

Why didn’t the flyover
pave the path to you?


*seventeen minutes and a heartbreak later*

No, you wouldn’t
give me a glimpse of yourself
from the crowded road
and the clouded sky.

To the terrace
i rushed,
hoping you would be waiting,
only for me.

There you were,
in all your splendour
waiting to be worshipped
by star-spangled eyes
and wonderstruck sighs.


The clouds
were fortune-tellers
with their palms around
the crystal ball,
delving into
the future unknown.
I would bring you home
with me
just for tonight
i wouldn’t dare
leave the Sky
bereft of its precious companion,
as you both looked down
at the mundane world go by.




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