The Importance of Your Left Thumb

On a mini-holiday at the beach last weekend, i broke the nail of my left thumb.

It cracked horizontally, right in the middle, looking like melting, glassy ice with a widening crevice. Only a tad worse.

Luckily for me, a friend had diligently carried  a medical kit with him, medical tape included. Patiently, he wrapped my former fingernail (presently plural) with the tape. After the throbbing (i kept saying that my heart had gotten into my thumb) and some self-pity, i rushed to the beach and played in the water like children who forget all about their bruises when they see their friends.

Vitamin Sea sure did my heart and soul some good. And i’d forgotten all about my thumb until…back in our cottage, i had to bathe, change into dry clothes and start packing for our bus journey.

A few scenarios of what ensued (most real and some imagined what ifs:

Try buttoning/unbuttoning your jeans or shirt with an ailing left thumb. Ahhh….

Try shampooing your sea and sand-filled hair with both your hands. Ugh.

—Oh no, that’s not all.—

Try your ctrl + alt + del or hit-space bar skills when you have no control of a key because of a mummified thumb that refuses to fn.

Try folding your clothes with your right hand and four-fifths of your left hand. Hmmm…

Try cutting vegetables with the knife in your right hand and trying to pin down unruly greens with your incomplete left.

—Wait right here, You! Where do you think you’re  going? There’s more.—

Try holding your heavy D-SLR to click pictures of the beautiful scenery
or holding your travel bag in one hand and barely managing to bring your handbag to your other shoulder
or wait, just hold your tea-cup with your left hand while munching on goodies with your right.

Try scrolling your smartphone with your left thumb to evoke any action/reaction from your not-s0-smart-now-phone. Arrrghhhh.

Easy like Sunday morning? That’s what i thought until Sunday evening when my thumbnail decided to crack up and laugh at my plight.

More incidents of helplessness occurred over the next couple of days but i’d rather put a finger on my lip than on my keyboard with the gory details.

With new-found respect for my left thumb, i went about my week taping and untaping the wounded soldier until half the nail above the equator crack decided to slide off. Painlessly, mind you.


So here’s my dedication to my left thumb. One-and-a-half thumbs up to you, comrade. I hereby resolve to be a trooper, stand by you through thick and thin or no nail at all, be a team player… and not stick out like a sore thumb.

Refusing to give in to more self-pity and enjoying a glass of lime juice at the bus stop in Cochin, Kerala while waiting for our bus to Bangalore.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Your Left Thumb

  1. Superb!!! I can feel the pain while reading it.. i wonder how u bore it. How did it happen in the first place? Hats off to how creatively you have woven so much around the injured left thumb!! Please take care of all the ten nimble fingers and keep writing as beautifully as you usually do!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Aunty! So glad you enjoy reading my posts 🙂 The nail had already cracked a bit and before I could cut it short, I hit something as I was hurrying up the stairs and the next thing I knew, I had a throbbing thumb. 😀 all’s well now, thanks for asking. 🙂


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