Humming, Singing n’ Hummusing Along

I could have waited until tomorrow to type this post out. But tomorrow is only 38 minutes away from now. And i don’t want to chronicle my “first” a day after it has occurred.

The “first” being making hummus.

I don’t remember when and where i first tasted this beautiful dip but i do know i’ve loved it for as long as i’ve known it.

I’ve been dreaming of making it – from scratch – for the past year, since i began my journey of and with cooking but somehow did not get to it. Maybe the itch wasn’t strong enough. Hmm.

My friend B was the first among my inner circle of friends to have made it and i dedicate this post to her. I told her about the dedication even before i made up my mind about making the hummus so that’s the level of overconfidence comfort i share with this beautiful lady who’s been a dear friend for over a decade now.

The sight of channa/chickpeas soaked in water,  more often than not, served as a reminder, “Transform us into beauteous hummus, won’t you?”

But i would just mumble an apology and look the other way.

Until my cravings got the better and my broke not-so-affluent circumstances got the best of me and i decided to make hummus at home with all the required ingredients provisioned for by my kind family.

A few food sites and a lot of drooling later, i managed to pull my face off my laptop screen and dragged myself to the kitchen.


– Chickpeas/channacheck
– Sesame seeds to be toasted to a golden hue and later ground to a delicate tahini with a beautiful aroma – check
– Olive oil – check
Okay, somebody needs to save the olive oil from me like Olive Oyl from Bluto because i just do not know when to stop. A drizzle of olive oil turns into a downpour when the bottle is in my hand. So much love and a wee bit of lust for this beautiful oil.
– Lime – check
– Garlic – check
I loooove the flavour of garlic in my food.
– Coriander leaves (because we don’t buy parsley; we only read about it in the papers and try our best to pronounce it right so we can show our friends that we are well acquainted with purseley…paarsleh…paarsli…whatever too) – check
– Salt – check
– My appetite – C H E C K
– And you thought I’d write “Love” as the most important ingredient of all. Sure, why not? Ugh.

After disturbing the entire neighbourhood with the horrifying noise from our electric mixer (i assure you that ours is the loudest one on the street; if you’re enemies with your neighbours, you must borrow our mixer and decide to use it only when it’s well past midnight), the chickpeas, tahini, lime juice and garlic and coriander found their true calling and beautiful hummus was made.


I then removed carefully-ziplocked dough from the fridge and made some golden flat-bread crisps to be dunked headfirst into the hummus dip and then into our salivating cannot-wait-any-longer mouths. Several batches of the crisps were made and savoured with the creamy goodness of the hummus.


What started out as an experimental snack turned into a happy dinner. It was a good spread, i must gloat admit.

So these were some glimpses into my  sojourn into the Middle East.

30th May, 2016. My first Hummus.

The first of (very) many.



3 thoughts on “Humming, Singing n’ Hummusing Along

  1. And i thought that channa was only for the Chhole Bhature!! Thanks for writing about Hummus with so much love. Will surely try it out. till then…Happy bantering!

    Liked by 1 person

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