June, Too Soon

2016 has been scurrying by at a manic pace.
As did 2015.
And 2014.

Each year seems to be eager to break its predecessor’s record in terms of speed.

Or maybe it’s just me who’d like Time to slow down just a little bit.

And my age too, if that was possible. Minus the anti-ageing creams and hopeless promises.

Time waits for no one. Neither do trains.

So here we are in June, wondering what just happened to May, April, March, February and January (that seems so distant in our memory now).

2016 has been a (very) good year so far. *touchwood*

It’s been a year of opportunities with ample time — for travel, for family, for friends, for four-legged friends, for daydreaming, for exploring food (both cooking and eating), for my health to get better, for occasional morning walks, for writing, for photography and for taking stock.


Last year, i took an indefinite break from my work life to focus on my health. Though i wouldn’t say i truly paid as much attention to my health as i should and could have (i just had to get the shunned “should/would/could” trio in one sentence), i am a lot happier than i was last year. And for that, i’m grateful.

My meager savings lasted a big part of my joblessness unemployment but it taught me the value of saving money. It also taught me how to deal with my food cravings (sometimes unreasonable, sometimes expensive, sometimes both) by cooking that snack right at home. It taught me patience. It allowed me to get more creative….

It also made its absence felt when my bank account was reduced to two digits and some paise.

I’m thankful for friends who are ever-ready to help, no matter what phase in their lives they are in. One referral here, one there and/or invitations to join their companies were plentiful. And they happened all at once, so beautifully and in sync that i think God knows when to give and when to pull you out of your dreariness.

As do those few, precious friends.


There are signs. Everywhere. And you’ll know when the signs are meant just for you; to be deciphered only by you.

So, while i’ve almost gotten a job after several rounds of interviews, abysmal amounts of form-fills, a convenient “tool error” (leading to form-filling allllll over again) and an assignment that had to be completed overnight and presented the next day, i’m waiting for that offer letter while i drink my coffee in anticipation.


And meanwhile, though June’s come by too soon – i’m making the most of my remaining hoodlum days by loafing around the streets of Bangalore – going for morning walks with Dad (s…t..r…u….g..g…l..i….n..g to wake up but that does not deter my parents from calling out my name at least 48 times, in various intonations – from kindness to irritation to annoyance to plain anger – every. single. weekday. morning before i decide it’s enough and get up before i begin to loathe my own name), making evening snacks for my Mom who looks forward to them after a hard day at work, squabbling with my brother over the remote control and ghastly shows, meeting friends on rainy evenings, savouring food, smelling flowers, sighing at local produce, clicking pictures, making memories….

And drinking my coffee in anticipation.





10 thoughts on “June, Too Soon

  1. Too good bebe 🙂 come to hut before starting work no pleajjjjjjjjjjjjj. Even that’s a sign (my hart is calling :p) please recognize it fastlyyy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes…2016 is running much faster than the previous years!! And June too seems to just fly past!!
    But for you i am glad it has been a great year and may the good times continue.. bringing greater opportunities that are instrumental in realising all your dreams!! Superb work as always!!

    Liked by 1 person

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