Friends, Flowers and Forgiveness

Sweet-smelling surprise – a bouquet of nine red roses.


I got home from work last evening and this is what was waiting for me – a bunch of nine red roses, along with a note of apology:

“Please forgive me for all the things I have forgotten to say/ask/do in the past 3 months.

Hope these flowers make you smile. :-)”

Like many other things, this mystery person had forgotten another thing in the past three months – to sign off with their name!

After some prompting from my brother, i figured who this Anonymous flower-sender was.

Over the past twelve years or so, this person has been apologizing in a way i that i highly recommend to those of you who have quarrelsome/grumpy friends like me. She has been saying it with flowers every now and then that guarantee heart-melt and offence-erased-from-memory.

From a single rose (in our days of brokedom) to exchanging colourful gerberas bought for fifteen rupees at signals in Goregaon, Mumbai… to ordering this expensive bunch of roses to be delivered at one’s doorstep, we’ve come a long way.

But the silences (after a fight) are just as uncomfortable, the gerberas are still as colourful, the roses still smell sweet…

…and we’re just as broke.




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