Monday Hues; No Monday Blues

On my morning walk today, after over a week (the Bangalore weather currently is not conducive to waking up early; what it is conducive to is curling up under the blanket(s), waking up to have a tumbler of hot filter kaapi and going back to sleep), i saw some gorgeous flowers on a cart outside a big temple.

Garlands or strings of jasmine, roses and/or assorted flowers are offered to the Gods during prayers in Indian temples and churches.

I asked the flower-seller if I could click these flowers. She happily agreed. After clicking a few pictures, I showed them to her. “Hooooovaaaaa yeshtu channaa kaanatte” (Kannada for “The flowers are looking so good”), she smiled wide in fascination, with twinkling eyes and paan-stained teeth.

Fragrance on wheels



Aside: If you love flowers, temples and dwelling in old-world charm and you’re in Bangalore, you must head to Temple Street, Malleswaram.



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