Small Change, Small Mercies

I forgot to carry extra money today.

Actually, i didn’t forget; i was sure i had sufficient money to get by.

I thought i’d buy myself some food since i’d woken up late and as a result, had skipped breakfast (and was very hungry). When i was getting off the auto that dropped me to work, i confidently took out three-fourths of the fare and then scrounged around in my bag for the last twenty rupees to pay the (patient, luckily) auto-driver.

I then paid the said twenty rupees in several coins from despicable corners of my bag and wallet. Whew.

I was rather sure that breakfasting was not in my destiny budget today.

After getting to my desk, i started scrounging again – opening, closing and re-opening the zips of my bag.

Found only two rupees. Kept my bag away.

I considered getting something to eat anyway and telling the server at the pantry that i’d pay him the remaining amount tomorrow (he’s a kind man and we have a Mangalorean connection) but then thought it wouldn’t be fair.

After staring at my monitor and listening to my tummy growl, i picked up my bag (again), took out my wallet and started searching (arrgghhhgain!). A shiny new ten rupee coin was waiting between layers of paper (bills that i have no use for but are permanent residents of my wallet). Such joy!


And so, i walked up to the pantry and bought myself a packet of Parle-G biscuits and a mini-filter coffee. Anddddd with…wait for it….a rupee to spare.


Now i’m waiting for lunch time (in eight minutes) when i’ll proudly open my steel box of Mom-made mango-rice and the noisy packet of papad and eat (and share) a hearty lunch that will more than make up for that skipped breakfast.



Update: The aforementioned mango rice and papad that was devoured, relished and loved by my “lunch team” and me.






2 thoughts on “Small Change, Small Mercies

    1. Thanks so much! Glad my post brought back childhood memories. 🙂 Mango rice is an Indian dish (made mostly in South India) made with sour raw mango, rice, groundnuts and spices. 🙂

      I’ll drop by your blog soon!


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