Incommunicado. Almost.

The past few weeks have been a blur of sorts. There’s too much and too little going on, all at once.

Such a blur that i actually used the phrase “cray cray” though i’d made a pact with myself to not fall into the bae-cray-bff crap trap but i fell, and how.


And i’m sure my phone has picked up on the goings-on (or lack of) in my life and the only features/apps working are:

  • SMS – incoming – yes; outgoing – only when there’s sufficient balance
  • Calls – incoming – no; outgoing, again, only when there’s sufficient balance
    • Wait…what? No incoming calls? Weird? Yes. Very. My phone has merrily decided to block out ALL call attempts by deviously misleading callers into believing that i am forever talking to someone else. Lies.
  • YouTube – only when I’m in a WiFi zone. Obviously, i do not have sufficient balance/charge to connect to a decent data plan.
  • Gmail – *insert previous line about WiFi and data woes*
  • Camera – my favourite and most over(ab)used feature. Yayy!

If i have made my predicament clear enough, you will see how my smartphone and i have slowly turned a little backward, a little anti-social and a lot behind on updates, conversations, chuckles and photographs on WhatsApp.

But we’re not complaining. At least for now.

What’s kept me constant company in this blur, though, is Music. A lot of it. Eagles, Billy Joel, Dire Straits, CCR, Amit Trivedi, Simon & Garfunkel, John Mayer, Phillip Phillips….

A lot of all the above. On loop. Concert videos and lyrics videos. I’ve even fallen asleep with Music in the background, serving as lullabies to my sound snoring sleeping.battery-dying

Until my phone’s battery decides to die without warning and my phone gets some shuteye as well.

I’m waiting impatiently for my salary to buy a new phone but maybe i’ll let this this peaceful, easy feeling (in the words of Eagles) linger just a little longer.

I found this today and the timing was perfect. I miss the ocean and i long to witness countless stars in the night sky. But i have all the Music i need and it’s enough for now… as i lie beneath the stars with the sound of the waves crashing in the distance…. in a beautiful, imaginary world of my own.





4 thoughts on “Incommunicado. Almost.

    1. awww, i miss you too. ❤ i started writing an email yesterday but got pulled to other tabs and windows and the unfinished mail is saved in Drafts. will complete and send it today. 🙂 my next destination is your blog yaaruh! 🙂


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